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Sleek Sophistication at Mike E's Dock

Matte Black Elegance on the Water

In 2022, Rich's Dock Company had the pleasure of bringing to life Mike E's Dock, a striking vision in matte black, nestled on the serene waters of the Lake of the Ozarks. The dock's sleek matte black finish, with matching trim, creates a bold statement against the shimmering blue waters, offering both aesthetic charm and functional prowess.

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Storage is smartly addressed with an enclosed space, complete with a roll-up door, ensuring that all lake essentials are tucked away neatly, yet remain readily accessible. The diamond-style concrete blocks underfoot combine durability with an upscale look, providing a clean and refined walking surface that's built to last.

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This dock isn't just about its looks; it's designed to enhance lake life. The spacious layout accommodates boats comfortably, allowing for endless days of aquatic adventures and tranquil evenings soaking in the lakeside ambiance. Every feature on Mike E's Dock is a testament to the impeccable standards and attentive craftsmanship of Rich's Dock Company.

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