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Dock Features

Rich's Dock Company has the capability and expertise to construct and service docks of any size, ranging from intimate single-well docks to extensive commercial docks. We are proud of our esteemed reputation for delivering excellence in quality, design, workmanship, and dependability, ensuring a fair and satisfying experience for our customers.

Our docks are constructed with 12" steel superstructures, fully welded into a single robust unit. We exclusively offer hot-dipped galvanized docks to ensure long-lasting durability. The flotation system of our docks is fortified with 20" & 24" thick Eagle brand encapsulated foam, ensuring steadfast buoyancy in both rough and calm waters on the lake.

Every dock we build features 2' x 2' steel reinforced concrete decking, providing a sturdy and reliable platform. Our roof poles are constructed with 2½" x 2½" 11-gauge steel, offering robust support.

For rougher waters, we recommend additional structural reinforcements by employing underwater braces or a 12" purlin, ensuring a robust and sturdy dock capable of withstanding challenging lake conditions. Our docks are reinforced with 14" gauge, 12" and 10" gauge "Z" purlins (12" upon request) to ensure a strong, enduring structure that withstands the test of time and elements.

Quality and Craftsmanship in Every Dock We Build

Standard Dock Features

Rich's Dock Company excels in crafting durable, high-quality docks tailored for both private and commercial needs. Our expertise spans from intimate single-well docks to large commercial marinas, ensuring unmatched quality in every aspect of dock construction. We're proud of our reputation for reliability and exceptional craftsmanship, delivering docks that epitomize excellence in the waterfront lifestyle.

Steel Structure:

We build a 12" high substructure all welded with three 1" x 1" x 1/8" angles diagonally in every 4' section. Rail angles are 2" x 2" x 3/16" or 2" x 2" x 1/4" for rougher waters continuously. The complete dock is welded into one piece.


We use 26 Ga. Sheeting over 14 gauge or 12 gauge galvanized "Z" purlins. We provide a nice range of roof colors. We recommend a light-colored roof as it will not fade as quickly or dramatically as a darker-colored roof will.


Our trim is priced separately, as everyone’s wants and needs are different. In most cases we recommend 6 foot post-bumpers on all posts that the boat can touch, and vinyl around the entire dock, except for the side by the shore.


We use encapsulated floatation with the best fastening system. We believe this is the best on the market. It also has the best fastening system. We use 4ft x 6ft x 20in, 4ft x 8ft x 20in and also 24in floats on the tie-section.


We use a 2' x 2' steel reinforced square concrete decking. Other types of decking are used upon request. Thicker flotation is used to compensate for the extra weight. We highly recommend concrete, especially in rough water.


We are an Econo Lift dealer. This is the least expensive "good" lift you can buy. It will lift more per rating than other lifts. We also offer Poly Lift and HydroHoist lifts. Tip: When you remove your boat from the lift (any lift), raise the lift back up, but do not raise the dock out of the water.

Lake of the Ozarks Dock Builders

Masters of the Dock

At the heart of every great dock is meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for perfection. Our decades-long journey in dock building and repair services at the Lake of the Ozarks is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Join our family of delighted customers.